Fortify the Governance Facilitate transparency in the Risk and Compliance procedures Boost your visibility

  • Benefits of GRC include centralized automation of compliance and risk management procedures to enhance corporate performance.
  • Cut expenses, make the most of IT investments, and match IT operations to corporate objectives.
  • Safeguard company information, effectively manage risks by putting security measures in place, satisfy regulatory requirements, and ensure data security.

    GRC solutions provide the integration of various upstream and downstream systems and the specific automation of procedures. Organisations have been adopting GRC technology solutions to centralise important areas like automation of policy lifecycle management, risk management, compliance management, incident management, and audit management due to the increase in regulations and the pressure to achieve long-term cost reduction and operational efficiencies. Large corporations, however, are unable to get the most out of their GRC platform investments.

    • A vague understanding of the advantages of GRC solutions.
    • Choosing GRC solutions and determining the necessary degree of customization.
    • Unable to combine sources from both upstream and downstream platforms.
    • Process complexity prevents GRC solutions from being re-engineered.
    • The amount of time needed to transition operations to GRC systems.

    IPCS offers transformation and strategic solutions to automate GRC activities through its array of services. In addition, our services combine risk and compliance, safeguard data, assets, and identities, and facilitate audits to satisfy regulatory requirements. The goals are to increase business-focused performance improvements, fortify security governance and intelligence frameworks, and provide measurable results.

      • Determine the constraints of the current method and the level of automation that is necessary by evaluating it.
      • Compile the information needed to execute the GRC system, such as the asset inventory, business hierarchy, process functions, defined workflows, and risk management methodology.
      • Create a plan for design and consulting, and make sure the solution is implemented and deployed modularly.
      • To prevent configuration rework, identify business needs and finalize design, methodology, procedures, and fields with all pertinent stakeholders.
      • Create, implement, and validate the solution through user acceptability testing in accordance with the needs.

      To achieve your objectives and satisfy your evolving risk and compliance demands, use our services. With the help of our extensive knowledge, GRC frameworks may be strengthened, and you’ll be better equipped to handle the ever-changing risk and compliance environment.

      • Leading provider of GRC technology solutions for top clients in various industries and regions.
      • Dedicated Centre of Excellence for GRC Technology.
      • Services to improve cross-functional engagement and automate notifications to standardise processes.
      • Scalable solutions with advantages in terms of both cost and productivity.