ISO/IEC 20000-1 – IT Service Management Systems

Your IT system is protected by ISO 20000, an essential corporate resource that requires the correct infrastructure to function well.

The information that information technology (IT) systems contain is the most significant strategic resource available to a company, yet they are frequently disregarded or only briefly discussed as a technological problem. IT services that are properly managed are essential to a company’s success.

The first worldwide standard for IT service management is ISO 20000:2011. The delivery of managed IT services using an integrated process approach is encouraged by ISO 20000. The ITIL framework (the Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and the standard are completely compatible.

Benefits of ISO 20000 to your organisation:

  • Benchmark how your managed services are delivered
  • Measure service levels and assess performance
  • Create a framework for independent assessment
  • Show an ability to meet customer requirements
  • Demonstrate your reliability and high quality of service
  • Opens your organisation up to key markets who require certification
  • Measurable level of effectiveness and culture of continual improvement

IPCS has facilitated the seamless and economical attainment of ISO 20000 implementation for businesses. We have provided them the resources to better manage their IT systems, thus we offer more than simply a implementor. We support the strategic business value that an organization’s IT department generates and the requirement to provide top-notch IT services for customers and their interactions with the IT system in addition to the back end.