ISO 9001 – Quality Management Services

Over 1.2 million businesses worldwide hold an ISO 9001 certification.

Continuous development of goods, services, and business processes is necessary to maintain competitiveness in the face of persistent pressure from global competition. Organisations must adapt in order to survive in the face of new realities and shifting consumer and stakeholder expectations. New risks and difficulties, such as the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic, have also affected and altered the global business landscape. The foundation for a quality management system provided by ISO 9001 enables companies to see opportunities and hazards and take appropriate action to address them in relation to their possible effects on goods and services. Using a risk-based approach to thinking helps organisations increase customer satisfaction and efficiency while responding to and adapting to events and changes that affect their company operations.

The quality management systems standard is applicable to organisations of all sizes and industries and is general in nature. It takes into account modern workplace technology and places a high priority on the calibre of outputs provided to clients.

Overview of ISO 9001:

  • Put your attention on risk-based thinking, which facilitates organized opportunity identification.
  • Based on the notion of ongoing development.
  • Gives leadership engagement more weight.
  • Tackles supply chain management in an efficient manner.
  • Simplifies writing styles and terminology to facilitate comprehension and uniform application of its standards.

Advantages for my company:

  • Provides a solid foundation to build an organisation able to withstand and adapt to the challenges of changing markets and customer needs over time.
  • Put your customers first to enhance their satisfaction by making sure you consistently meet their needs as well as relevant statutory and regulatory requirements related to products and services.
  • Establish a framework for improved performance of the organisation by implementing systematic processes to prevent nonconformities
  • Capability to implement the holistic approach of risk-based thinking in managing emergencies deriving from situations that are difficult to predict such as COVID-19, ensuring the same level of quality of the product / service provided to customers as well as determining the suitable environment (implementation of the health protocols defined by national and international legislation) necessary for the operation of processes and to achieve conformity of products and services.
  • Global recognition

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