ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems

Organisations may utilise the management system to significantly enhance energy performance by putting the ISO 50001 Standard into practise.

The ISO first released ISO 50001, an international standard on energy management systems, in June 2011. The ISO 50001 standard gives organisations a methodical framework for managing energy and lays out the specifications for a methodical, fact-based, data-driven approach that is aimed at enhancing energy performance.

Good energy management behaviours are reinforced by the standard, which encourages the adoption of best practises in energy management. The ISO claims that the standard has broad application across national economic sectors and has the potential to impact up to 60% of the world’s energy usage.

In August 2018, the ISO 50001 standard underwent revisions and was republished. The adoption of the high-level structure, enhanced integration with strategic management procedures, increased focus on the function of top management, normalisation concept introduction, and energy data gathering plan are only a few of the modifications. As a result, the 2018 edition elevates energy management by empowering businesses to implement a strategic approach to energy management that places a stronger emphasis on integrating energy management with operational procedures.

Your company will have a strategy in place to encourage energy efficiency along your supply chain by improving communication and fostering openness about the management of your energy resources once the ISO 50001 criteria are put into practise.

Among the advantages of using ISO 50001 are

  • Better utilisation of already energy-consuming items
  • Less environmental effects
  • Lower energy expenditures and more savings
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Promotes ongoing improvements in energy performance and energy management within the framework of greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives

Transition to ISO 50001:2018

The transition period for the current ISO 50001:2011 certifications will conclude on August 21, 2021, with the introduction of the 2018 version. At that point, the ISO 50001:2011 certificates will be removed and rendered useless. For any more information or clarification, please get in touch with IPCS.

Why work with IPCS?

IPCS is at the forefront of energy management systems. Also, we have been providing Energy Management System Implementation services and Certification Services with the accredited partner CB. We can bring this experience to all our clients, while leveraging our extensive expertise in the related management system standards including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.