ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management

The ISO 22301 standard assists your company in improving its readiness for major interruptions caused by outside threats.

The world’s first international standard for business continuity management, or BCM, ISO 22301:2012 was created to assist organisations in being ready for and making sure their operations can continue in the event of external threats like natural disasters or breaches in information security. Attacks and extreme weather are two examples of ever-growing dangers that can disrupt service delivery, damage property and inventory owned by the firm, disrupt the supply chain, and injury or displace staff, all of which can negatively impact your bottom line.

By implementing a Business Continuity Management system, an organisation can demonstrate resilience and reassure stakeholders and consumers that operations will continue even in the event of an emergency. A company that has obtained ISO 22301 certification has proven that it is prepared to handle a business-threatening event and has a management plan in place with the appropriate personnel. Additionally, it’s a means of demonstrating to those who depend on your company that your business continuity plan meets international standards.

ISO 22301 Overview

  • Outlines the steps necessary to create, set up, carry out, monitor, assess, maintain, and upgrade a documented management system in order to guard against disruptive events as they happen.
  • Pay close attention to anticipating risks and opportunities in order to visualise dangers.
  • The ISO 22301 requirements are relevant to all sizes of organisations across all sectors.

The advantages of ISO 22301 for your company

  • Natural catastrophes, terrorist threats, IT malfunctions, and other unanticipated dangers are among the things that ISO 22301 helps guard against.
  • Gives you the framework to evaluate the risks linked with your suppliers and employees. 
  • Minimises downtime during emergencies, enabling your company to address problems as they develop within set deadlines.
  • Using drills and desktop exercises, it gives you the assurance that you can handle any danger your organisation encounters. 

Selecting IPCS for Certification in ISO 22301

IPCS is a top supplier of total quality assurance to many sectors. Our objective is to provide your company the tools it needs to recognise and reduce risks in its supply chains, business operations, and operations. For your ISO 22301 implementation and later on obtaining the certification from one of our partner accredited CB. Work with IPCS and feel secure knowing that your company is always secured.