ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management Systems

Globally acknowledged standard called ISO 22000 was created to methodically guarantee food safety at each stage of the supply chain.

ISO 22000 is a worldwide recognised standard that was created in 2005 and may be accessed by businesses of all sizes that are involved in any part of the food supply chain. The standard addresses the essential elements of guaranteeing food safety, such as interactive communication, system administration, the execution of prerequisite programmes, and the system’s ongoing evaluation and enhancement.

The optimum foundation for putting in place an extensive, reasonably priced food safety management system is ISO 22000, which integrates HACCP concepts and is compatible with ISO 9001 quality management systems. Implementing ISO 22000 saves money by preventing repeated audits. Based on ISO 22000, food safety management systems encourage ongoing process and performance improvements, which may boost business efficiency. Additionally, certification can lead to new business opportunities because ISO 22000 is widely recognised by governments and food safety specialists.

Benefits to ISO 22000 certification for your organization

  • Demonstrates your ongoing commitment to food safety
  • Proves your integrity to the market
  • Enhances consumer confidence in your brand

IPCS has the expertise in food safety and can help you navigate the whole implementation procedure with ease. Pre-audit implementation, documentation, evaluation and training are our ISO 22000 services. Additionally, we provide continuing assistance through certification obtaining and follow-up audits. To ensure that your goods are manufactured, processed, packed, distributed, and certified in accordance with the strictest food safety regulations, our knowledgeable food safety auditors may collaborate with you.